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  Frequently Asked Questions: Display Problems
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  Error message - "Can't find organism"

"When I try to start the browser, I get the error message "Can't find organism for pyrFur2"."

Your browser settings may be set to a genome release that has been updated to a newer version. To clear this setting, click the "Click here to reset" link on the Genome Browser gateway page or reset your browser with the URL http://archaea.ucsc.edu/cgi-bin/cartReset. You should then be able to access all current genomes.

  Resetting the Genome Browser display to default settings

"I added a custom annotation track to my browser, but now I'd like to eliminate it from the display. Also, is there an easy way to restore all the tracks to their original settings without changing them one at a time?"

To eliminate an added custom annotation track from the browser's display, or to return all of the browser's tracks to their default settings, click the "Click here to reset" link on the Browser Gateway page or the Reset All button on the Browser tracks page. Resetting the browser display is also a good idea if you are observing unexpected behavior in your tracks display. However, be aware that this action will clear all track filter settings and extended DNA case/color options that you may have modified.