arCOGs Browser

Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins (COGs) have been widely used for evolutionary gene classifications, focusing primarily on bacterial and eukaryotic systems. To extend this work, Kira Makarova, Yuri Wolf, and others in Evolutionary Genomics Research Group led by Eugene Koonin at NCBI developed the Archaeal Clusters of Orthologous Genes (arCOGs) that classify genes and provide improved functional annotation specific to archaeal genomes. With the input and support from the arCOGs team (special thanks to Kira and Yuri), we created the arCOGs Browser to provide better accessibility to this valuable resource. Users can search for gene and arCOG annotations across all archaeal genomes and view both the distribution and homolog count of any given arCOG family. Each arCOG gene entry also links to the Archaeal Genome Browser for graphical viewing within its genome context. The current data set in the arCOGs browser represents the 2010 update, and will be updated periodically as releases are made available by the arCOGs team at NCBI.

To launch the arCOGs browser, please click HERE.


Makarova KS, Sorokin AV, Novichkov PS, Wolf YI and Koonin EV (2007) Clusters of orthologous genes for 41 archaeal genomes and implications for evolutionary genomics of archaea. Biology Direct 2:33.