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Available Tracks

Below are all available graphing tracks that can be added to any collection. Click the arrow to the left of each folder below to show/hide tracks. Click the green "plus" symbol to add a track to any selected collection in the right window. See "Getting Started" below for tips.

Collected Tracks
Add Collection

To make a new collection of tracks, click the 'Add Collection' button above. Once saved, double-click the new collection to edit the name, description, and graph color. To remove a track from a collection, click the red "minus" symbol to the left of each track. Click "GO" (upper right) to see collections in the browser.

Note: You must save your session to preserve collections long-term.

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Getting Started
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The Track Collection Builder (My Data > Track Collection Builder) is a tool that allows multiple tracks to be copied and grouped together into one composite track or "collection." A composite track can be thought of as a container for grouping a set of similar-type annotation tracks.

Quick video demo

Two-minute video demo of Track Collection Builder:

Supported Data Types

Only the following continuous-value graphing track types can be added to a collection:

Track Sources

Supported tracks from the following sources can be added to a single genome browser:

Getting Started

Step 1: Create a new collection

The "Collected Tracks" top right pane displays all created collections.

Step 2: Add tracks to a collection

The 'Available Tracks' top left pane displays all available graphing tracks that can be added to any collection.

Step 3: Browser viewing options

When viewing collections within the browser, the following viewing options are available:

Tip: Displaying collection names in the browser:

hgCollection Mouse-over in browser window.jpg

Once a collection has been created and tracks have been added to it, click (upper right) to view the collection in the browser window. In the browser, mouse-over the gray vertical buttons at the left window frame to see the name of each collection.

Step 4: Configure collection

Step 5: Saving and sharing collections

Collections will be available 48 hours before expiring. You must save your session to preserve collections long-term and to allow sharing. Even after saving collections and their configurations in a session, it is still highly recommended to keep local back-ups of your session contents and any associated custom tracks.

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