UCSC Genome Browser on Pyrobaculum aerophilum Dec 2001 Assembly (pyrAer1)
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chr:10,001-35,000 25,000 bp.
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-   Mapping and Sequencing Tracks
Base Position
Chromosome position
GC Percent
Restr Enzymes
Short Match
-   Genes and Gene Prediction Tracks
Genbank RefSeq
Gene Predictions
Operon Predictions
Array PCR Primers
EST Sequences
Studied Loci
Pfam Domains
Conserved Domains
Megablast NR
IMG genes
tRNA genes
Genbank ncRNAs
BlastP Related
Intergenic Regions
BlastX Related
Intergenics Microarray
-   Expression and Regulation
Codon Bias
TFB Sites (Pal)
Promoter +
Promoter -
Poly-T term (+)
Shine-DG +
Poly-T term (-)
Shine-DG -
Respiration change
-   Comparative Genomics
Self Blastz
Self homologs
Aligned Features Differences
Igenics BlastN
BlastP Crenarchaea
BlastP Euryarchaea
BlastP Other Archaea
BlastP Viruses
BlastP Bacteria
BlastX Crenarchaea
BlastX Euryarchaea
BlastX Other Archaea
BlastX Bacteria